Bubba’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip 16oz

You thought the Buffalo and Southern Sweet Heat were good… You’re right! Now check out the latest to the line up!

We put our thinking caps on and came up with the ultimate combo that makes Bubba’s Chicken Dip all that, and then some..

At first, we were dipping the Original BUBBA’S BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP in the blue cheese bowl.  Then it hit us, let’s just put the blue cheese in the dip.

Since then it’s been a hit not only in our camp, but friends and customers love it too!

Rest assured it’s made from 40% white breast meat chicken, tons of cheese, some special wing sauce, seasoning and spices, BUBBA’S BUFFALO BLUE CHEESE CHICKEN DIP has been called a Chicken Wing On A Chip with a Dip!

Shipped chilled (in Arctic Cold Pak that’s included in the shipping price) but not frozen, this delicious product is best, we think, when served hot. As a dip with crackers, tortilla chips, veggies or on burgers, alone on a toasted bun….on hot dogs, grilled meats and on top of hearty salads, BUBBA’S CHICKEN DIP’s are  versatile and delicious!

Thank you for your support!

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